Type alias linkedItem

linkedItem: { key: string; length: number; link: string; location: number; prefix: string; suffix: string; value: string }

An object describing a linked item, as defined by the syntax definition in use in the editor. In Markdown syntaxes this translates to the [[wiki-style]] cross-linked items, but might vary by syntax. In Markdown examples, [[key:value]]. linkedItems properties are available on both Editor and Draft objects.

Type declaration

  • key: string

    Optional key value provided by link definition. For example, in default Markdown syntaxes [[url:...]] the url string would be the key.

  • length: number

    The number of characters in the range.

  • link: string

    The linked text identified in in the link.

  • location: number

    The start location of the range of text representing the marker.

  • prefix: string

    Prefix text for the linked item. Example: [[ in Markdown

  • suffix: string

    Suffix text for the linked item. Example: ]] in Markdown

  • value: string

    Value capture from the link definition.

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