Represents a dynamic date for use in queries. QueryDate is used when configuring Workspace objects startDate and endDate properties.

QueryDates always specify a date with time components being ignored. If used a the start of a query range, the time will be moved to the beginning of that day. If used at the end of a query range, time will be moved to the end of that day.


Create Workspace with date range

// create a workspace
let workspace = new Workspace();

// create a QueryDate for three days ago
let start = new QueryDate();
start.field = "created"
start.type = "relative"
start.days = -3;

// create a QueryDate for specific date
let qDate = new QueryDate();
qDate.field = "modified"
qDate.type = "absolute" =;

// assign to the workspace and apply
workspace.startDate = start; // .endDate also available


  • QueryDate






date: Date

Absolute date to use when evaluating the query dates of "absolute" type.

days: number

Integer number of days to when evaluating query dates of "relative". This value can be negative. For example, a "relative" type with "-3" days, will always evaluated to 3 days ago when the query is run.

The date field to use when querying

The type of date range. "relative" dates use the days property to add days to the current date when evaluating a query. "absolute" type query dates use the date property for a specific day.


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